Top 20 WeWork Competitors & Alternatives

WeWork is an American commercial real estate company known for providing shared technological startup workspaces for other enterprises. Founded in 2010, WeWork has its headquarter in New York City. While the company has made a great impact on the industry of workspaces and uplifted many communities, it has several competitors too. 

Here is a list of WeWork alternatives and competitors. 

1. Regus

Launched: 1989
Founders: Mark Dixon
Headquarter: Saint Helier, Jersey

Formerly known as Regus, IWG plc is helping more than 2.5 million people and their businesses since 1989. It is leading the workspace revolution.

They create personal, strategic, and financial value for businesses of every size. Letting people productively work for more than 30 years now, they are available in almost 1000 towns and cities across 110 countries and in 3300 locations.

2. Talent Garden(TAG)

Launched: 2011
Founders: Davide Dattoli
Headquarter: Milan, Italy

Talent Garden abbreviated and famously known as TAG is a well-designed coworking space to enhance creativity. Established in 2011, it is serving as an ideal lounge in Europe for the ones who are looking for a closed office or a private desk.

They are located in 8 countries with 23 campuses and host thousands of creative people, including freelancers, startups, companies, and enterprises.

3. Servcorp

Launched: 1978
Founders: Alfred Moufarrige AO
Headquarter: Sydney, Australia

Servcorp Ltd. is an International organization providing complete workplace solutions, including offices, virtual offices, meeting rooms, and coworking spaces. Since 1978, it has been offering the finest working space services.

Also, it is operating successfully in 23 countries, 54 cities, and 160+ locations internationally. The company is spreading the entrepreneurial spirit and passion all around, offering packages for every budget.

4. Alley

Launched: 2011
Founders: Jason Saltzman, Jonathan Enge, Nsi Obotetukudo
Headquarter: New York City, U.S.

Located in New York City and started its services 8 years back, Alley is a coworking company in the United States. It owns several branded offices as Alley powered by Verizon.

With their consistent success, they have now opened up two locations under the Verizon-powered brand, one is in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the other is in Washington, D.C. It has more than 800 members and is home to more than 110 startup companies now.  

5. Impact Hub

Launched: 2005
Founders: Sara Anjargolian
Headquarter: Vienna, Austria

Started in back in 2005, Impact Hub is one of the world’s largest networks focusing on building entrepreneurial communities and workspaces, startup support and programs, and events.

Their success can be measured with their presence and activities, including 100+ networks in 50+ countries, 11,000+ events in 2016 alone across 5 continents delivering over 200 programs annually.

Also, they have a vibrant community of 16,000+ members from diverse backgrounds, out of which 67% of them founded their own ventures. Their success was sky-high between 2012 and 2016 as they founded 6,400+ startup ventures.

6. Industrious

Launched: 2013
Founders: Jamie Hodari
Headquarter: New York, US

Industrious provides flexible shared workplace solutions and canvas to teams of all sizes at every stage since 2013. Expanding its footprints to 25 U.S. cities in 2017, it grew revenue by 150% annually over the last 3 years and has left behind other leading coworking businesses.

Until 2018, they had a total raise of up to $142 million. That said, they have now spread over to 85 locations across more than 45 U.S. cities in 2019. The success of the Industrious speaks for itself.

7. Carrworkplaces

Launched: 2003
Founders: Oliver T. Carr
Headquarter: Washington, D.C. United States

Providing workplace solutions for all budgets since 2003, Carrworkplaces aim to provide concierge services one can expect from a luxury hotel in a shared working setup.

They offer workspaces and suites in 26 locations in the key markets across the United States, including Chicago, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, D.C., and San Francisco. They say it is a nationwide coworking space for innovative professionals.

8. Pacific Workplace

Launched: 2004
Founders: Laurent
Headquarter: Washington, San Francisco, California

Started back in 2004, Pacific Workplace is owned by PBC Management LLC, offering solutions for workspaces, including private office spaces, meeting rooms, virtual office spaces, coworking memberships, etc.

It has 18 locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. They have packages for every budget. It has 20 locations under the Pac brand, deployed under the local brand, and built a network over 650 worldwide locations under the CloudVO brand.

9. Knotel

Launched: 2016
Founders: Amol Sarva, Edward Shenderovich
Headquarter: New York, United States

Launched a few years ago in 2016, Knotel has earned a great reputation in the coworking industry. Knotel is an office space platform offering free unique space, capital efficiency, a simpler journey to maximize clientele’s potential.

During this period, the company has established 4 million square feet across 200 locations in 3 continents. Knotel is upping the game of commercial real estate and taking companies forward.  

10. Breather

Launched: 2013
Founders: Caterina Rizzi & Julien Smith
Headquarter: Montreal, Canada

This 7-year-old company, Breather, is a flexible workspace provider located in Montreal, Canada. They have expanded to 10 cities in just 3 years and have two main offices in Montreal and New York City.

Providing modern workspace, all to yourself for hours, days, and months, they offer distractions free spaces with many other amenities.  

Other upcoming WeWork Competitors

In addition to above competitors, there are many upcoming regional competitors too such as Techspace, Serendipity Labs, Spaces, Green Desk, SomaCentral, Make Office, District Cowork, iLoftspace, Novel Coworking, and bhieveworkspace.

11. Techspace

12. Serendipity Labs

13. Spaces

14. Green Desk

15. SOMACentral

16. Make Offices

17. District

18. iLoftspace

19. Novel Coworking

20. Bhive Workspace

Final Thought

With this list of competitors, you can analyze how rapidly the coworking and workspace industry is developing.

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