Top 10 Square Competitors & Alternatives

Square is a reputed merchant services aggregator, financial services, and mobile payment company that was established in 2009 by Jim Mckelvey and Jack Dorsey. With its headquarter in San Francisco, the company launched its first service and app in 2010, following which, it has expanded into small business services, hardware and software payments products.

Square is known for its diverse range of products and services in relation to payments, point of sale, capital, and payroll.

This guide reflects upon different companies that are some major Square alternatives:-

1. Revel Systems

Revel is regarded as one of the major competitors of Square. It is known for its outstanding services in the industry of mobile point-of-sale. Revel Systems assists users’ in payroll functions, time clocks, monitoring employees with scheduling, managing customers, and keeping track of their inventory. Revel also provides robust capabilities that assist in analyzing data and reporting on overview of the respective sales.

2. ShopKeep

When it comes to different competitors of Square, ShopKeep another well-known brand. Its position cannot be ignored for its services associated with managing staff, inventory, tracking sales, and accepting payments. Just like Square, it is widely popular in retail shops and restaurants due to its availability as an app that is supported on the iPad. The app ShopKeep Pocket integrates with other providers that include customer loyalty program AppCard, Quickbooks, and MailChimp.

3. Shopify

In the list of these competitors, the most number of Google searches is attained by Shopify. It allows us to keep track of and monitor purchase histories of the customer, sales, along with the use of register. Additionally, it provides assistance to a user to establish online stores by utilizing a full-fledged e-commerce platform, making it a viable POS system. Not only this, but it is also supported on iPads and iPhones and integrates with barcode scanners and wireless printers, facilitating the performance of transactions.

4. Vend

When considering the most popular competitors of Square, Vend plays an important role in the list of Square’s competitors. Vend allows users to remove and add products along with further addition of details for products that aligned in the system. The services that guarantee customizable reporting capabilities help users with a snapshot regarding the need for their information. Furthermore, Vend also provides a centralized customer loyalty program, which is advantageous for the identification of customers in both stores and online shopping.

5. Lightspeed

With reference to various competitors of Square, Lightspeed is the name that cannot be ignored, especially in the listed mobile POS system. Currently, it has two specialized offerings, which comprises of Lightspeed Restaurant and Lightspeed Retail for the satisfaction of the needs of both restaurants and retailers. In this regard, true mobility for processing and acceptance of orders is facilitated by these products that can be conducted from anywhere in the restaurant or the store.

6. NCR Silver

Back in 1884, NCR was regarded as the pioneer and the leading original cash register. Since then, the company has been subject to innovation and advancement that can be reflected from its mobile POS offering, known as NCR Silver. As a result, restaurant operators and retailers are capable of developing specialized messages related to sales along with other significant announcements. This is then shared across social media platforms to gain access to potential customers.

7. Retail Pro

When it comes to rating, Retail Pro is another name that gives a significant level of competition to Square. This is evident from the rating that it is recommended by 95 percent of the users accessing the site, while the average rating of this POS is evaluated to be 4.4 stars out of 5. It is well known for its customizable user interface, which is a common capability of

POS that supports customization of the capabilities of the system and various modules to meet the needs of the business. In this regard, Retail Pro serves as a modular suite, which allows the users to choose and pick retail tools and modules that are in accordance with their needs.

8. Springboard Retail

Followed by Retail Pro, Springboard Retail is another top-rated Square alternatives POS system. About 80% of Software Advice reviewers recommend this solution for its users. An in-depth customer dashboard is featured by it that enables users to evaluate the purchase history of the users, along with the provision of high-level statistics. Furthermore, it also comprises of their net spending, the value of the transaction, and rate of return.

9. iQmetrix – RQ Retail Management

Moving further with top-rated competitors of Square, iQmetrix – RQ Retail Management is another popular name that bags a rating of 4.21 stars out of 5. In addition to this, this system has been recommended by 85% of the reviewers.

With respect to the features being offered, the digital workplace can be personalized by the users, thus allowing them to use the information and tools of significant importance. Not only this, but customer marketing capabilities also facilitated by RQ, which enable users to connect and interact with consumers upon the occurrence of a purchase.

10. Cashier Live POS system is flexible and adaptable on PCs, iPhones, and IPads. For developing stronger relationships with, it features customer tracking capabilities to assure the loyalty of customers. The most beneficial feature of Cashier Live is its cashier management module that assists managers in analyzing and tracking the performance of every employee.

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